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islandship_rpg's Journal

Cruise Ship Atlantis
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Welcome to islandship_rpg, a multifandom and original character roleplaying game!


Where are you?

You're on a boat.

But no, not just any boat. You've come aboard Atlantis- a cruise ship the size of an island, twenty storeys high and a mile long. This ship has everything you could possibly desire, from a tropical oasis in the bow to an immense classical ballroom to an industrial-size French kitchen. In fact, it's only lacking in one thing: a way off.

You see, there is absolutely no way to escape Atlantis. If you try to fly above it, you'll wind up in the boiler room, which is managed by the spiderlike Kamaji; if you try to dive too deep below it, you'll wind up above it, falling onto the main deck. The sea on all sides seems to recycle itself, so swim too far and you'll wind up swimming back toward the ship again.

But don't worry. Captain Jack Harkness is here to ensure that your stay is a very comfortable one.

Just follow each of the links below, and you'll be golden.

1. Read the rules! Always step one.

2. Read the FAQ!. This should explain any questions you have- but if it doesn't, don't hesitate to drop us a line via comment (on that post), private message, email, or AIM.

3. Check the taken characters list! If there's a character you want to play who isn't taken, proceed.

4. Read the application info! Then, go to the applications post! Be sure to check all the application rules and guidelines before you write and post your application.

5. While you're waiting for the verdict on your application, read up on some more details of the game, if you haven't already. Why not peruse the locations page and think up some ideas for posting?

6. If the verdict is no: rewrite, rewrite, rewrite! And if the verdict is yes, congratulations and welcome to the game! Remember to join all the communities (islandship_rpg, islandship_ooc, and islandshiplogs) and check the OOC board regularly for updates. Introduce yourself on the OOC board and start posting in the main community!


AIM: palepuppet
Email: blackalbino@gmail.com
Applications, General Information, & Player Disputes

AIM: garoganite
Email: raven_mcmillen@yahoo.com
Plotting, General Information, & Player Disputes

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