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...Hum? Wot's this all 'bout? *sniffs, tapping the rail with her blunderbuss* I wasn't dozin' for 'alf a m'nit. Now there's ocean. *confused look at the deck; starts stomping on it* Well, will ya look at that.

... *spits on the boards*

*peering around* I don't suppose I've been 'ere before. Must 'ave been trans-ported in me sleep. Wonder who di'it... *lifts the gun with one hand as she casually walks toward the cabins, picking something green out of her teeth with the other* They best wotch themselves. I can whip up one 'elluva storm.

[[OOC: Watch out for the blunderbuss. It has a face on the barrel, and when it shoots, it screams. xD]]
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